Happy Saturday!! Something Different..

Happy Easter Saturday to you all!

Lately I have been doing a variety of things 🙂  Creating Prayer Journal’s, Spring cleaning, Looking at Trucks ( something small) and Family time.

I do enjoy youtube, sometimes they list recommendations!  That is where I got the inspiration for the prayer journals.  You can make them your own, by what tabs work for you in your life!  I will show a sort of flip through of photo’s.  There is more time to illustrate as I go.  I just got to the basics so far!  Oh, there is always room some of the lovely cranes to photograph to share with you 🙂

Two diffent Prayer Journals.

I wish you all a Wonderful and Blessed Easter!



Sandhill Cranes, Wildlife

Yesterday I was able to capture these two beautiful sandhill cranes!  The winds were high and I wasn’t sure if they were going to fly off. I came in to sit at the computer and glanced at these two relaxing!  Things that make your heart feel good 🙂  I tried to capture the photo through the window, it just didnt come out good. I decided to go out the front door, ( I didnt want to disturb them.  They aren’t shy, they usually come up to me . After all, they have nothing to fear from me and we are the same height! lol  I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I do!

One always watches while one rests!

Have a Wonderful Day!


Its About Time I Post Something!

I have been productive in so many ways lately 🙂 I have enjoyed spending time with Family and reading all your wonderful blogs!  Here is a little update,  and some photo’s too!

Sandhill Cranes relaxing!

Have a Wonderful Night!


Post a Day For July

Good Morning!  I am challenging myself for a post a day in July 🙂 It may be random things I enjoy!  I am a little late going out to ride my stationary bike and read so I will post this and get right out there!  I thought I would do this since I am working on the Crochet Chevron Throw.  Today is a photo of the Baby Sandhill Crane I have had the pleasure of watching grow so quickly!  Here you go!


Already so big!


Have a Wonderful Day!



Finished Scarf and Resting SandHill Cranes

I finished the Scarf last night and completed adding the pom moms earlier today! The royal blue and black scarf will keep the wind and chill away on a nice walk outdoors!

The SandHill Cranes are daily to every other day! I do enjoy their beauty, so I thought I would share a photo!



Have a Wonderful Evening!