Knitting Dishcloths

So, I finished this dishcloth last night and had to weave the ends in this morning.  I also was searching where I got the pattern from this morning!  Not on my pinterest, not you tube, hmmm I will surely edit this post when I find who the designer is.  Without further a do.  Oh, a note on the stitch pattern,  keep your stitches a bit relaxed, so when you do the yo k2tog it is easier! 🙂

Have a Wonderful Day!



A New WIP and Lately!

When you have been working on a project and don’t take time to take a photo or too to share! That would be 🙂 I started a new crochet afghan pattern. It is called Park Avenue and is a lovely pattern and easy (so far). You make 6 separate strips and then with your contrast color attach and add a border. I am going with Aran and burgundy for the border.

I have also continued knitting squares with spare bulky yarn! It should be very squishy and warm when completed!

Last but not least, I had been growing my hair for quite some time to donate. I finally had it cut Friday and mailed it this morning to Wigs for Kids. It was really such an easy thing to do. My hair is really short now! I may not take time to post too often, but surely make time to visit each of you a couple times a day! Thank you for sharing 🙂

fullsizeoutput_5c0The first crochet strip, it is 75 rows long.


The knitted squares, I guess I didn’t get them all in the photo! lol


From this to…..fullsizeoutput_5bf

12 inches off!

Have a Wonderful Day!




Lately and Finished The Blanket

Ok, Where did this month go? I surely hope the New year has been good to you so far!  I have been quite productive, ( Dr. appt.’s and such for procrastinating so long 🙂  We celebrated my Love’s Birthday and Retirement!   We also purchased a Bedroom set for our guest room.  Besides all of the above, I finally finished the Octavia baby blanket.  I was thinking you could choose yarn, color of your choice and weave it through the border. This would also be nice to make a lovey, ( a stuffed animal to attach to it).  It would also be nice to donate to anywhere! Without further a do!

Have a Wonderful Day!


Yarn on the Needles This Week

I am still coming up with projects to use up the yarn in my stash. So, in the evening or during the day I have something to work on, without worrying of row counts at this busy time of year! I can pick it up and move it out of the way if need be too.  One is a blanket similar to the traditional dishcloth pattern, the other is a Ribbed hat.


Knitting a blanket.

fullsizeoutput_4fdRibbed hat pattern.

Have a Wonderful Day!


This Week at a Glance!

Time to download a couple pics and jot a few words of the week at a glance! 🙂  My love and I joined a Co-op and I got my first medium bin yesterday!  I was so excited 🙂  This is definitely a positive experience and I am looking forward to what will be listed  for the next weeks gifts.  I will try roasting my zuchini and eggplant tomorrow! It will be a first for me 🙂 ( hard to believe with the years of cooking!)

On to the knitted throw, I can’t believe how hard it is to photograph black stitches 🙂  I will be working on it in a little bit tonight 🙂

Have a Wonderful Evening!