Remember this lil’ fella? Sweetie? He we went to the vet this morning for Rabies shot and Neuter. We can’t wait to pick up this little stinker!


Friday Was A Girls Day!

My Dear friend and I have let life get away without spending an amazing day at the beach.  We finally got it together and went Friday, Her sister came to!  On the way, they had a few yard sale stops 🙂  The Beach we were going to is at least an hour and a half away.  We finally arrived and the sand and water didn’t dissapoint.  We did have a little sun shower with no clouds in sight, such a surprise!  Here are just a few photo’s of the beach and sky!




Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Spreading Sunshine!



Lately, Journals and Scrapbooks

Lately it has been just too very hot for yarn creating for me. I have turned to other crafts to spend some creative time and using up some other products. Paper products,  I do have some mini journals in the works as of this morning.  Cards and envelopes will probably be next!  Just a little update of the journey of creating and crafting.

The scrapbooks are still a work in progress! 

Have a Wonderful Day!


Moments of Beauty.

Hello Everyone!!  I will try and get back to routine of posting 🙂 Right now I have cat antics going on! In the middle of a comment on a blog and my love ask me to come look.  Sweetie the kitten we rescued was playing with everything He can get his paws on 🙂  Then Smokey girl is trying to help me at my computer now 🙂  It is her new thing! Why??  Any how, back to the topic!!

This morning the beauty shown in abundance that our Creator is always present! Sometimes I just take it all in, and sometimes I am moved to capture it in photo form.

Without further a do!..



Early in the Morning!

Have a Wonderful Day!


Blanket Update and Found a Kitten

We are almost to June! Can you believe it? I have just started the border on the blanket.  The six strips are completed and now a contrast color has arrived! I am just taking my time with this one.

On Saturday, My husband and I were going to go look at a few garage sales.  He was outside and I needed to get a few things together first. Lo and behold, He thought he heard my neighbor’s cat. ( sometime he sneaks out on them) It wasn’t OJ. I went outside and saw a kitten in the hedge crying. It ran down to my husband and was thankful to have a human. She had a little green collar with gems and a Hello Kitty emblem.  Surely someone is missing and devastated that they lost their kitten.  Nope!!!  No microchip and no replies to found kitten flyers.  Shame on people….  I thought I would share how cute she is here!!


Crochet Blanket, adding the border.

Little Sweetie!! I could post more pics, but I will quit 🙂

Have a Wonderful Day!