WIP and Spring Break Fun

Happy Monday to all!  It has been awhile, so I have an update on the Park Avenue crochet blanket.  I have completed four strips and started the 5th one!


The four strips …two more to go!

We had a blast spending time with our Grandson during his spring break from school! Clothes shopping, spending many hours of laughter, shooting pool at the bowling alley and enjoying some great meals together!  Today, He is back at the routine and so are we.

On Sunday, my daughter surprised me with a piece of what I call Car Jewelry! 🙂 you hang this on your rear view mirror!  On the charm it says, “Mom, you are my sunshine”!  I always called her my sunshine, and sang many a times the You Are My Sunshine Song.  So, she told me I would get this, before I opened it! She is so sweet and thoughtful!


Car Jewelry!

Have a Wonderful Day!



A New WIP and Lately!

When you have been working on a project and don’t take time to take a photo or too to share! That would be 🙂 I started a new crochet afghan pattern. It is called Park Avenue and is a lovely pattern and easy (so far). You make 6 separate strips and then with your contrast color attach and add a border. I am going with Aran and burgundy for the border.

I have also continued knitting squares with spare bulky yarn! It should be very squishy and warm when completed!

Last but not least, I had been growing my hair for quite some time to donate. I finally had it cut Friday and mailed it this morning to Wigs for Kids. It was really such an easy thing to do. My hair is really short now! I may not take time to post too often, but surely make time to visit each of you a couple times a day! Thank you for sharing 🙂

fullsizeoutput_5c0The first crochet strip, it is 75 rows long.


The knitted squares, I guess I didn’t get them all in the photo! lol


From this to…..fullsizeoutput_5bf

12 inches off!

Have a Wonderful Day!




Lately and Finished The Blanket

Ok, Where did this month go? I surely hope the New year has been good to you so far!  I have been quite productive, ( Dr. appt.’s and such for procrastinating so long 🙂  We celebrated my Love’s Birthday and Retirement!   We also purchased a Bedroom set for our guest room.  Besides all of the above, I finally finished the Octavia baby blanket.  I was thinking you could choose yarn, color of your choice and weave it through the border. This would also be nice to make a lovey, ( a stuffed animal to attach to it).  It would also be nice to donate to anywhere! Without further a do!

Have a Wonderful Day!


New Year’s Eve and New Year Day Food…

Happy New Year!  I actually downloaded the pics of the Tradition of New Year’s Eve Food and New Year’s Day too. I mentioned yesterday the Yugoslavian dish, Zeila.  It is like a stew 🙂 Garlic bread goes very well with it too!  Then today, my southern tradition is black eyed peas with collard greens!   Since it is late in the evening I will make this short! Without further a do….

This is the Zeila. (always enough to send some home with family)


Black eyed peas and Collard greens!

Chat soon!




Chime In…

Happy New Year’s Eve! I wish you all a Wonderful New Year 🙂  Today, another Family gathering of  good times and food! It is a tradition on My Love’s ( husband) side of the family to have Zeila. It is a Yugoslavian dish his Father taught me how to cook.  Now, my Love enjoys several times a year 🙂  I will get a pic of it in a little while. It is slowly simmering.

Oh, back to my title, Chime In… I thought I would share some new wind chime I received as gifts 🙂



Have a Wonderful Day!