Harry Potter Key Chains

The key chains are Gryffindor! I plan on making a variety of different key chains, or scarf and pom pom key chains! Crochet are the ones you see here.  I do plan to knit some too!  I had plans a few months ago to work on these and now seems to be the right time 🙂


Have a Wonderful Week!




Thankful and Grateful

I am pretty much a thankful and grateful person. I am extremely thankful that hurricane Irma hit our area at a category 1. Downgraded from an original 4 to hit our area!   Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes!  Whew, getting back soon to read you blogs!

Power just came on!




Hurricane Irma Update

Good Morning! It is Saturdsy Morning here. Originally the hurricane would have hit Yesterday, Friday. It has shifted 3 times. Being a Florida native, this is what happens. It has shifted west. All on the coast line. The beast will come Sunday night into Monday morning. We aren’t in an evacuation zone. Thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes. Of cours your thoughts too! 

Have a Wonderful weekend!


Friendly Update!

Hello everyone of you lovely Bloggers! I have been preparing for Hurricane Irma, I have been making some cards, but had to quickly find a home for my paper projects!  They are a little unorganized and I didn’t photograph them. Boo me!  I have been taking videos of the inside and outside of my home an hour ago.  I am going to pack up my Desktop to be prepared if we must evacute!  Important papers are in order, kitty carriers and kitty food purchased.  So, I will be visiting your blogs by phone! Be safe and well, I will post after the storm passes!  It shouldn’t be here til Friday, but much to do!  XXX

Have a Wonderful Week!



Moments of Beauty.

Hello Everyone!!  I will try and get back to routine of posting 🙂 Right now I have cat antics going on! In the middle of a comment on a blog and my love ask me to come look.  Sweetie the kitten we rescued was playing with everything He can get his paws on 🙂  Then Smokey girl is trying to help me at my computer now 🙂  It is her new thing! Why??  Any how, back to the topic!!

This morning the beauty shown in abundance that our Creator is always present! Sometimes I just take it all in, and sometimes I am moved to capture it in photo form.

Without further a do!..



Early in the Morning!

Have a Wonderful Day!