Moments of Beauty.

Hello Everyone!!  I will try and get back to routine of posting 🙂 Right now I have cat antics going on! In the middle of a comment on a blog and my love ask me to come look.  Sweetie the kitten we rescued was playing with everything He can get his paws on 🙂  Then Smokey girl is trying to help me at my computer now 🙂  It is her new thing! Why??  Any how, back to the topic!!

This morning the beauty shown in abundance that our Creator is always present! Sometimes I just take it all in, and sometimes I am moved to capture it in photo form.

Without further a do!..



Early in the Morning!

Have a Wonderful Day!


Blanket Update and Found a Kitten

We are almost to June! Can you believe it? I have just started the border on the blanket.  The six strips are completed and now a contrast color has arrived! I am just taking my time with this one.

On Saturday, My husband and I were going to go look at a few garage sales.  He was outside and I needed to get a few things together first. Lo and behold, He thought he heard my neighbor’s cat. ( sometime he sneaks out on them) It wasn’t OJ. I went outside and saw a kitten in the hedge crying. It ran down to my husband and was thankful to have a human. She had a little green collar with gems and a Hello Kitty emblem.  Surely someone is missing and devastated that they lost their kitten.  Nope!!!  No microchip and no replies to found kitten flyers.  Shame on people….  I thought I would share how cute she is here!!


Crochet Blanket, adding the border.

Little Sweetie!! I could post more pics, but I will quit 🙂

Have a Wonderful Day!


Something Different…

Hello Blogging Friends!! My, it has been awhile since I posted 🙂

Birthday gatherings, Dr. appt. and the everyday life things that come into play have kept me busy!

Last week I got my sewing machine out and some fabric that needed to be used and put to action a couple throw pillows.  I did purchase the pillow forms and completed the project in two days. Yay!!  I am still working on the crochet blanket, it is mostly for evening relaxing!

I have been collecting a few Rae Dunn items of pottery too!!

Without further a do…. photos….


These are for my brother. 🙂

These are the Rae Dunn items I have collected. One Cup, ( the relax one) has gone to my daughter and my cats are using the little bowls 🙂

That is it for now my friends!!

Have a Wonderful Day!!!




Happy Saturday!! Something Different..

Happy Easter Saturday to you all!

Lately I have been doing a variety of things 🙂  Creating Prayer Journal’s, Spring cleaning, Looking at Trucks ( something small) and Family time.

I do enjoy youtube, sometimes they list recommendations!  That is where I got the inspiration for the prayer journals.  You can make them your own, by what tabs work for you in your life!  I will show a sort of flip through of photo’s.  There is more time to illustrate as I go.  I just got to the basics so far!  Oh, there is always room some of the lovely cranes to photograph to share with you 🙂

Two diffent Prayer Journals.

I wish you all a Wonderful and Blessed Easter!


WIP and Spring Break Fun

Happy Monday to all!  It has been awhile, so I have an update on the Park Avenue crochet blanket.  I have completed four strips and started the 5th one!


The four strips …two more to go!

We had a blast spending time with our Grandson during his spring break from school! Clothes shopping, spending many hours of laughter, shooting pool at the bowling alley and enjoying some great meals together!  Today, He is back at the routine and so are we.

On Sunday, my daughter surprised me with a piece of what I call Car Jewelry! 🙂 you hang this on your rear view mirror!  On the charm it says, “Mom, you are my sunshine”!  I always called her my sunshine, and sang many a times the You Are My Sunshine Song.  So, she told me I would get this, before I opened it! She is so sweet and thoughtful!


Car Jewelry!

Have a Wonderful Day!