Thoughts This Thursday…

I have been wanting to post so much lately, but my time management skills are lacking!!  When I would go the Word press it kept saying, “loading error”!  I couldn’t read anyones posts!  I sure am glad I worked this problem out and am catching up.

I have been wanting to post about So many loved ones and friends whom seem to be having so many medical issues this year.  Thankful for prayer, we surely can alway use them.  As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I started a Prayer Journal.  I love the Journey and I have been praying intentional along with Praising!  I recently have thought about going digital on my Prayer Journal. I am not sure if I am ready for it.  I have been very consistent and enjoy the pen to paper.  What are your thoughts about change like this?  I like the idea that you can have it with you anywhere, digitally.  I wouldn’t start til after Christmas though.  I have even downloaded the apps! Well, this is what I have been thinking about for over a month!  Let me know your opinions, or if you already do these things digitally!

Have a Wonderful Evening!




WIP Thursday

An update on the Park Avenue Afghan! Finally 🙂 All 6 strips have the border on them.  I have to figure on the sewing them together, then it is complete! YAY 🙂  Other than knitting dishcloths I started a hat. The lighting isn’t to great on the photo, I just took photo’s of everything and thought I woud post a work in progress!  Without further a do….

Have a Wonderful Week !



Knitting Dishcloths

So, I finished this dishcloth last night and had to weave the ends in this morning.  I also was searching where I got the pattern from this morning!  Not on my pinterest, not you tube, hmmm I will surely edit this post when I find who the designer is.  Without further a do.  Oh, a note on the stitch pattern,  keep your stitches a bit relaxed, so when you do the yo k2tog it is easier! 🙂

Have a Wonderful Day!


Finished Projects…

Since my last post, I put a little more effort to picking up some yarn and creating! The weather here has been so very warm, so cotton was my go to  for projects.  I also made a few more Harry Potter key chains.  Can you believe Sweetie got one of my pom poms out of my crochet bag! Now they all 3 play with it a bit with supervision 🙂  With out further a do, here are my recent projects!

Have a Wonderful Week!