It is About Time I Get Back…

Hello Everyone! Time goes by so quickly! I am trying to catch up with your lovely blogs.  You know as we all say,” Life Happens! ”  I have missed you all!  I did find instagram easier to keep up with 🙂  I have a few finished projects, so I will begin to share them with you all!  Without further a do!

This is the first time making a C2C, I used scraps of what I had on hand. The size is lapghan .

This was a crochet blanket I started in December with no deadline. It fits a queen size bed and is so soft!

This was my first knit socks and it was a KAL with Marly Bird. I used a worsted weight yarn to understand the concept . These would be house socks! They were knit with DPNs and I did the pair at the same time! I am using sock yarn now, with 9” circulars☺️ learning and loving it!

WIP’s Wednesday..

A little update on my works in progess!  I started another cowl, then there is the blanket I started,  hmmm I think in December with no deadline for getting it done 🙂 These are both crochet projects too. So with out further a do… photo time.

For the blanket, I had to order more yarn which should be delivered today, hopefully!

Have a Wonderful Day!



Recipe and Crochet Tissue Holder

Happy Monday!  I thought I would share something delicious with you, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabars! I got the recipe from MyWholeFoodLife.  I did substitue the cashews for almonds, and you only need 3 ingredients! Just imagine the variety you could make with some dried fruit too!

The Tissue Holder is made with very little yarn! Vicki Howell shared the video on youtube.  It is Tunisian crochet.(TSS) The tunisian simple stitch. I thought it was a quick and handy little thing to have in my purse or any bag! Without further a do… Photo time!

Have A Wonderful Week!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabars

  • 12 medjool dates
  • 2 cups cashews
  • 1/4 cup choc chips
  • 1/2 tsp. sea salt
  • 1 T water
  • Mix cashews in food processor, til a fine powder
  • Then add all ingredients except for choc chips
  • Til dough forms
  • Then mix in choc chips
  • press into parchment paper lined pan or roll into ball and refrigerate a couple hours.

Handwritten Journal Or Digital Journaling

Good morning all! I mentioned a blog post a month or so ago in reference to whether I will do the the digital journaling instead of hand written journal. Well, I haven’t spent too much time adjusting to the digital journal. It isn’t as easy or I should say, it isn’t a habit yet. I have made a couple of tracker keepers for specific things. Some people use the bullet journal format, I really am accustomed to my journal! Here is a little phot of my tracker keeper! Oh, I should have mentioned it is my Prayer Journal I have been using!

Have a Wonderful Day!


Where Have I Been Lately?

I have got to get better with blogging right away after something comes to mind to chat about! Two weeks ago I met with a friend of mine I haven’t seen for 25 years! We used to be neighbors about 18 years ago, she moved to PA, that is where she is from. Her daughter lives about 3 hours south of me now. She was visiting her daughter so we had on day to try and meet. We met on the 26 th at Coquina Beach and it was a beautiful day! We are grateful and Blessed that we got to visit and catch up face to face besides social media.

Our Mommy Kitty has chronic allergies, like seasonal. The kind like congestion, runny eyes ears itching from all that sinus stuff. We have for the past few months tried to clear this up to no avail. We have been going to the vet for nebulizer treatments. Now we are doing the treatments at home as of yesterday! We did blood work on Friday, nothing off the charts. White blood cells a little elevated, meaning infection. The Dr. is going to see what we could try next, whew.

That s what has been keeping me busy! ☺️

Without further a do! A few pics!

Mommy Kitty is the first kitty, the Sweety, the not so little boy we found and adopted, then the Boss, Smokey!

Have a Wonderful Week!