Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to each one of you amazing Blogging friends! I have been catching myself reading your post by my email notification, then saying, ” I have got to go and reply to these lovelies!” I hopefully will improve this year 🙂  I have a bit of a WIP ( works in progress ) to share with you and a bit of news. Then some other news I will share in another post, so this one isn’t to long 🙂  Here we go! First is the crochet sweater, it hasn’t received much love lately, but perhaps today I will get the back finished!

The first photo is the front. The second is the back, I will seam them together the work on the sleeves! I am using a shirt I love the fit oh as a guide!

Our New comer, her name is Little One! Is going to have a litter! I will surely keep you up to date:) I mentioned her in a previous post.

I hope you all have a wonderful Day!




6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. What a FABULOUS post, Ruthie! Love the knitting (I’m always in awe of anyone who can knit anything other than a scarf, because that’s my limit when it comes to knitted goodies), and LOVE LOVE LOVE the news about the pregnant pusscat! What a wonderful news post. Filled with promise.
    Sending much love to you ~Cobs. xxx

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    • Lovely Cobs! Thank you for such a kind compliment! I am so glad you enjoyed the post! XX Little One was a stray we brought her into our home Nov. 11, While looking for her owner! To no avail we Kept her! She was so thin, poor girl. We didn’t know she was a queen til her appetite kept growing and her sides started portruding! She is a beauty, a bit feisty wanting to be our boss! lol Thank you for visiting Cobs. XX

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  2. Oh my. I started out with one stray outdoor cat and now there 15 who come for breakfast every morning. Don’t know what to do with them and surely can’t aford to have them all fixed.
    Love the colors of your kniting. Beautiful. Do show us the finished product.
    Happy New Year to you dear Ruthie!!!

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    • Happy New Year Beverly! Oh my! That is do many cats! There are a couple organizations in Fl. They will fix them and clip the ear, and people send the back out to their colony , is what they call it. We have a problem with people letting their pet out and then they just leave them! Or drop them off! I don’t live in a rural area at all! It’s a subdivision! Thank you for the sweet comment, I will share the finished project when it’s finished😊. Have a wonderful and Blessed rest of the weekK xx

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