Blanket Update and Found a Kitten

We are almost to June! Can you believe it? I have just started the border on the blanket.  The six strips are completed and now a contrast color has arrived! I am just taking my time with this one.

On Saturday, My husband and I were going to go look at a few garage sales.  He was outside and I needed to get a few things together first. Lo and behold, He thought he heard my neighbor’s cat. ( sometime he sneaks out on them) It wasn’t OJ. I went outside and saw a kitten in the hedge crying. It ran down to my husband and was thankful to have a human. She had a little green collar with gems and a Hello Kitty emblem.  Surely someone is missing and devastated that they lost their kitten.  Nope!!!  No microchip and no replies to found kitten flyers.  Shame on people….  I thought I would share how cute she is here!!


Crochet Blanket, adding the border.

Little Sweetie!! I could post more pics, but I will quit 🙂

Have a Wonderful Day!



20 thoughts on “Blanket Update and Found a Kitten

  1. Your blanket is looking lovely Ruthie 🙂 I am sure your little kitten is going to love it 🙂 🙂 🙂 I hope you keep the kitten. Isn’t it disgusting just knowing that someone out there must know that their kitten is missing and hasn’t bothered to look for it…Whoever that ‘owner’ is doesn’t deserve to have pets! I hope this little kitten can have a forever home with you. x

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  2. The blanket is really coming along, and looks so lovely Ruthie.

    The kitty cat … Well, I’d say someone obviously loved her because they went to the expense of buying a nice collar (rather than just a bog standard one) and a lovely little hello Kitty charm … so someone loved her enough to purchase these things.

    My guess is that perhaps she was new to the owners, and she’s escaped through an open door or window. I do wonder if perhaps she tried to make her way back to the original place she knew as ‘home’, but finding that she’s not quite the explorer she thought she was, she’s got lost and … thankfully … found you and Mr.Ruthie.

    Now … I’m feeling about this but … (aw, I hate this bit) … I’m going to be the party pooper …

    They (the owners) may well be looking for her … and they may have a child who’s beside itself because her/his kitty is missing… so … if you can, resist the urge to fall totally in love, and instead try calling around all the vets local to where you are, in case they’ve had anyone phone about her.

    If you can say you tried … then after whatever time it is which it’s legally ok to call a found animal ‘yours’, if you still haven’t found the owners, then you will have a clear conscience and won’t have any guilt feelings about taking the kitten in and calling it yours. 😀

    On the other hand, things work a little differently in the USA than here in the UK, and I don’t know the laws of the land there, so maybe I should keep the pie-hole shut and skit!

    aw… sending love to you Ruthie. ~ Cobs. x

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    • Thank you Cobs!! I have been doing exactly that, We have a community center that sends out emails of found and lost fur babies. I took her to the vet and no microchip and we put flyers out too. On the FB I posted on lost and found of Hillsborough county and the city which I live. I cant tell a young child had their hand on this baby, someone cut the whiskers short on both sides. I am hoping someone comes forward, I have to keep it separate from my to adult cats, one 12 and one 9. This little one is quite active too. I did purchase Kitten food for it to have proper nutrition. I would be looking for my lost kitten, for we have hawks and busy streets. Thank you for visiting and always welcome your visit and comments!! Sending Love right back Cobs. XX

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      • Aw Ruthie, you’re brilliant.
        I didn’t want to say anything but I just had to be the party pooper – just in case someone was sat at ho me crying for their kitty.

        I know you’re amazing and would look after it Ruthie,and I also know that if it were me, I’d want to keep it too.

        At our old cottage, we were sat one evening, watching TV, when all of a sudden I could hear the tiniest of meows. At first I thought it was the TV, so muted it. I could still hear it.
        Mr.Cobs said I must have tinnitus.

        I stood up and tried to follow the sound. Surely that can’t be a cat at the front door? Surely not!

        We had a stable door, so I opened the top half and peered out.
        It was so dark that I couldn’t see a cat … but there was the noise again. I switched on the outter light and … there at the bottom of the door, was the teeniest, tiny black kitten with bright blue eyes and a little pink tongue which curled up when he meowwed.

        I carefully opened the bottom of the door, fearing that he/she might run away and out onto the road. He did nothing of the sort. He bounded into the house meowwing and announcing his presence.

        Our two British Bulldogs lifted their sleepy heads at this scrap of lovely… and just looked.

        I scooped this little darling up and talked to him … and every second I held him, I fell more and more in love with him.

        I looked at Mr.Cobs and said… “He must be meant for us. Can we keep him do you think?”

        I sat down with him and cuddled him, and played ‘tap the runaway finger’ with him.

        We both puzzled about where he could possibly have come from. No one we knew had had any kittens. I already knew that I didn’t want to hand this little dot over to any animal sanctuary…. I wanted to keep him.

        Suddenly Mr. Cobs said he remembered one of the neighbours talking to another neighbour about their new kitten…. it must be theirs!

        My heart sunk.

        I said that he’d better pop round to the neighbours, and ask if they’d lost a kitten. All the time I was wishing with all my heart that they’d say no.

        A few minutes passed … the door opened and in walked Mr. Cobs …. and at the door stood all the family. Two adults and three children. I turned and looked at the eldest child and said … “Is this your little kitten?”
        “YES!” they all chimed as one.

        I gave the kitten a last love, and told it that it was too young to be out on it’s own, so it must remember to stay inside the house for now. Then I gave the kitten to the eldest child.

        Aw, the wrench was terrible. I so wanted to keep it.

        I know the delight in finding a kitten. And I’m so sorry that I was a party pooper. I just recalled the faces of the three children when they saw their kitten. Who, incidentally, they said must have escaped through the open door when one of the children had taken the rubbish from the kitchen bin, out to the big bin outside, roughly an hour previously. They’d been searching the house since then for her.

        Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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      • Awee! At least you were there while the tiniest was lost! I would be the one crying going and looking for my lost kitty or any fur baby! I just wouldn’t be able to rest! They are fast little stinkers too! This little one was full of fleas, I went and got Capstar, it is a one dose pill that will kill all the fleas, I was trying to comb them out on my porch. I didn’t want to bring the fleas to my fur kids, so everyone got a dose! Some family members think they dropped it off. I just couldn’t fathom that! By the way, I love the barn door you mentioned you have! Thank you sweet Cobs! Xxxx

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  3. Hello fabulous Ruthie!
    Just a little note to tell you that I’ve nominated you and your lovely blog for a Liebster Award.
    You can read more about this here:
    You don’t have to accept the award if your blog is award free.
    I’ve placed a link to your blog on my own blog, so that people can come and check you out. 🙂

    Congratulations on being worthy of nomination. Your blog really is a great read ~ Cobs. 🙂

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