A New WIP and Lately!

When you have been working on a project and don’t take time to take a photo or too to share! That would be 🙂 I started a new crochet afghan pattern. It is called Park Avenue and is a lovely pattern and easy (so far). You make 6 separate strips and then with your contrast color attach and add a border. I am going with Aran and burgundy for the border.

I have also continued knitting squares with spare bulky yarn! It should be very squishy and warm when completed!

Last but not least, I had been growing my hair for quite some time to donate. I finally had it cut Friday and mailed it this morning to Wigs for Kids. It was really such an easy thing to do. My hair is really short now! I may not take time to post too often, but surely make time to visit each of you a couple times a day! Thank you for sharing 🙂

fullsizeoutput_5c0The first crochet strip, it is 75 rows long.


The knitted squares, I guess I didn’t get them all in the photo! lol


From this to…..fullsizeoutput_5bf

12 inches off!

Have a Wonderful Day!





24 thoughts on “A New WIP and Lately!

  1. Bless your heart for growing your hair for the donation. I have read that some groups are better than other some don’t charge the patients. ,some do, but I don’t know the different groups. Love your hand work.

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    • Thank you Beverly, You are right about Organizations that charge, The one I originally was going to donate charges those in need and out rageous price for donated hair. I read reviews and hoped they were wrong, my salon verified it was true and suggested this organization and another one. I chose the Wigs for kids. It can be disheartening sometimes! Thank you for the Lovely comment! xxx


  2. Hello beautiful Ruthie.
    A fabulous post, as always.

    I love you to pieces … not just for posting your blog posts which keep me reading and entertained in various ways, and not only for the donation of your hair, which is a true gift of your heart to those who need what you had. But just for being the person you are. You’re a truly beautiful soul. A gift to the world. A child of God.

    Thank you Ruthie, for being exactly as you are. We all love you for it. xxx

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      • I have bought all of the materials, an instruction book…well actually two books…and even a cute bag to hold everything in! You know…I at least need to look the part of a crochet person! I am trying to teach myself, but I do have friends to overwhelm with continuous questions!

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