My Thoughts This Morning

This morning, while I was biking ( my morning routine) I was thinking of you all. Community that shares, Creates and Makers of all things! Photographs, the written word, and recipes. I am sure the list goes on, but I am mentioning a few 🙂  We all put ourselves out there, so to speak.  We are accepted in a loving acceptance.  We  Encourage one another, become friends from all areas of the world.  I thought I would express my gratitude for this experience!  We learn from one another in many ways!  Thank you all, especially with Christmas time approaching quickly!  You all are Blessings…. xxx

Have a Wonderful Day!



17 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning

  1. Dearest Ruthie … your post puts it so beautifully – yes, we all are truly blessed to be in each others company – even if just on the internet. It’s a way of staying connected to people we would fill our lives with, had we the time to actually find the necessary spaces to invited each of these fabulous people round to share time with us. I, as you know, like to think of it as calling in for a coffee – and one of my most favourite people to call round and share a coffee moment with, is you.

    Thank you Ruthie, for being one of my most wonderful coffee moments. You help to make me know what being blessed is all about.
    Sending you my love ~ Cobs. x

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  2. Such a lovely post Ruthie and I totally agree. I love my blog and getting to chat with people all over the world. When life gets too busy to keep up with the blogs I follow and my own blog I really miss it. I thoroughly enjoy having a catch up and seeing what everyone is up to. I feel very lucky to have such lovely blogging friends. Hxx

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