A Loom Knit Cowl

I couldn’t decide what to work on next! Last minute, I decided on the loom knit cowl. Depending how long I make this it could be versatile to even put onto your shoulders. We will have to see 🙂


Have a Wonderful Day!



13 thoughts on “A Loom Knit Cowl

      • I used a plastic tub container, and cut the top (lip) off, and then cut the bottom of the tub out, so it was completely open. I then got hair bobby pins and put two bobby pins together, the open ends of the bobby pin I put over the container slightly, then stuck them around the container (two at a time together, side by side) with some glue that literally sticks anything (can’t remember the name) the glue hardens very quickly but sticks incredibly well, it was quite a messy job, These bobby pins were stuck at equal intervals. And, that was it. It wasn’t pretty, but it certainly did the job 🙂

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  1. OOooo… I shall be interested to see how that works out because I have one of those and haven’t used it yet. I found it in a local charity shop and decided to give it a go, but … like Chickengrandma (above comment) it doesn’t have any instructions, … but I’m guessing that it must work like Dolly Knitting? Grandma taught me to do this as a child, using an old wooden cotton reel which my Grandad hammered four little nails into the top, and my Grandma taught me how to ‘Dolly Knit’ using one of her crochet hooks. … aww, now I’m sat here reminiscing now. Do can remember this moment as if it were just a couple of days ago.

    Do remember to show us Ruthie, when you’ve finished it. I’m really looking forward to it.
    Heaps of love and a bundle of squidges coming your way ~ Cobs. x


  2. Hi Ruthie, I thought you deleted your blog because your gravatar led to a deleted blog. Today I saw your comment on someone’s blog and for some reason I tried again and I was shocked and happy to find this blog. You must have thought I was a snob for ignoring you! I will catch up with all your posts soon. Laura 🙂

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