A Glance of the Week

I finally downloaded pics, all food related 🙂  Combined with so much more! I can’t believe I started this Healthy Lifestyle a year ago! My how time flies and I am loving the journey . Sure, it started with baby steps, and now knowing what nourishes my body, soul and spirit it has been and will continue to be amazing! There is always a variety of food choices for anyone who comes by!  Sunday continues to be Blessings of gathering with my daughter and grandson at church, then lunch at home 🙂  Here are couple of dishes and meals I actually took time to photograph! fullsizeoutput_4cc

Quinoa fiesta salad (hot or cold)

Chick pea salad wrap


Miniestrone soup


Banana bread ( with oat flour and coconut flour) Vegan


This morning food prep! Cauliflower and corn to freeze, Zuchini pasta and Squash with red onions!

Have A Wonderful Week!




4 thoughts on “A Glance of the Week

  1. Congrats on sticking with it! I have been working on eating better as I have gotten podgy so my partner and I have been working on cooking healthier food. We have only been at it for 2 weeks and I have lost about 4kg. The hardest part is the first few weeks, because you have to learn new habits and forget old habits! I can only hope that in a years time, I have managed to stick with it!


    • Thank you! Yes, doing something for 30 days makes it easy to become a habit 🙂 I definitely didnt fill defeat if I slipped, each day is a new day! ( thank goodness) best wishes on you and your partner’s healthier food lifestyle! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment too!

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