Sandhill Cranes, Wildlife

Yesterday I was able to capture these two beautiful sandhill cranes!  The winds were high and I wasn’t sure if they were going to fly off. I came in to sit at the computer and glanced at these two relaxing!  Things that make your heart feel good 🙂  I tried to capture the photo through the window, it just didnt come out good. I decided to go out the front door, ( I didnt want to disturb them.  They aren’t shy, they usually come up to me . After all, they have nothing to fear from me and we are the same height! lol  I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I do!

One always watches while one rests!

Have a Wonderful Day!



11 thoughts on “Sandhill Cranes, Wildlife

  1. Do you know … I cannot imagine for even one moment, how wonderful it must be to look out of your window and see these fantastic birds, just laying around on the grass verges outside your home. You are so very lucky.

    LOVE the photographs. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
    ~ Cobs. x

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  2. Thats amazing.We don’t have cranes here in England …but we do have Herons.However they are very shy and solitary and wouldn’t hang out so close to humans…though they have been known to steal fish from peoples ponds.x

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