Sweet Jasmine Blooms and WIP

My Jasmine is in full Bloom! I am loving the scent especially while weeding the flower bed where it’s planted.  Now I know why the butterflies have been drawing near on a daily basis.  

Onto the knitted throw I am working on, I realized it isn’t growing by just knitting a row or two daily. I decided I needed to work on it at least a couple hours a day! Without further a do.. Here are a couple of pics.

Have a Wonderful Day!



2 thoughts on “Sweet Jasmine Blooms and WIP

  1. Hello beautiful knitter!

    Ohhhhhh Jasmine… Oh the very mention made my heart ache, then the photograph and I wanted to cry. We had Jasmine growing in our cottage garden where we used to live. We’d erected an arched top, 6x6foot piece of really pretty trellis, and planted jasmine to grow up it. It was down by our pond area, and we’d go down and sit having a coffee, and I’d get ‘punch drunk’ on the aroma. So heady, sweet and so incredibly out of this world. I can easily understand why this ‘perfume’ appears in so many fragrances. It’s heavenly.

    But … we moved 5 years ago because our daughter and son-in-law needed us to be nearer, so we did the one thing I said I’d never do … we sold our cottage and moved roughly 200 miles south. Sadly, although we brought most of our potted plants with us, we couldn’t dig up all the plants I loved (the garden would have been totally emptied), and I miss them so very much – and the jasmine in particular.

    I love the colours of your knitted throw. It kind of makes me think of the beach. The colours speak of the beach somehow. It would look amazing in my bedroom. (not hinting … just saying. lol)
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x


    • Hello There Sweet Cobs! Your cottage sounds so peaceful! As Mom’s do, we are there in a heartbeat šŸ™‚ This is the most blooms my jasmine has gifted us! I was thrilled though they don’t last long, I surely enjoyed them! Thank you for the kind comments and stopping by for a visit ! The color has fooled the eye , lol I used Black, steel and light blue! I will try another photo when I accomplish a couple more color ways!
      Have A Wonderful Day Cobs. Chat soon!

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