This Week at a Glance!

Time to download a couple pics and jot a few words of the week at a glance! 🙂  My love and I joined a Co-op and I got my first medium bin yesterday!  I was so excited 🙂  This is definitely a positive experience and I am looking forward to what will be listed  for the next weeks gifts.  I will try roasting my zuchini and eggplant tomorrow! It will be a first for me 🙂 ( hard to believe with the years of cooking!)

On to the knitted throw, I can’t believe how hard it is to photograph black stitches 🙂  I will be working on it in a little bit tonight 🙂

Have a Wonderful Evening!




6 thoughts on “This Week at a Glance!

  1. Yum. I wish I was round your house for dinner. I love zucchini and love eggplant even more, over here we say courgette and aubergine though 🙂 courgettes are nice sliced into an oven dish, with some chopped bacon, pour over some beaten eggs, and pop some grated cheese on top, then into the oven for about half an hour until egg is cooked and cheese is brown. One of my favourite things to eat! 🙂

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