This Week, Knit and Crochet!

Well, I started and crochet project and already finished it! I wanted to use the other to skeins of Craft-Tee yarn.  I started with a square one and wasnt feeling thrilled so I ripped it out and started this Round (flower) Rug yesterday and finished it this morning!  On the Knitting project, this will take some time, so I will crochet while working on this throw!  One of the colors is black. The photo really doesn’t show stitch definition at all! but that is whats on the needles 🙂 I will be adding gray and blue.   Now, I must tackle this crazy mess of a crafting area, the desk is clean 🙂 These two areas share this one room!  That is it for now! I look forward to each of your writtings daily 🙂



Knitting flat on circular needles! One of my favorites ways to knit 🙂



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