This Week is About Cats, Anyday Can Be..

Any day is day of sharing a story or a photo of our Fur Family member!  This week, several Friends in the blogosphere including myself have shared a photo or a happening of our cats!  Bless your hearts, because I understand how they capture your hearts so easily!

Yesterday I had an appointment for my Smokey  to get her rabies shot. No big deal, a routine visit. I told my grandson, “Don’t  talk to Smokey about going to the vet!” That was the evening before 🙂  Long story short, 5 minutes before time to leave I bring the carrier in. I had just seen smokey sitting in my desk chair shortly before.  I go to get her and she is gone! Oh No! I now have five minutes to find that stinker ! She was under a cabinet. I finally got her. Left later than planned. Stressed, and didn’t want to be late to my appointment! lol  Smokey gave me an earful on the way, I gave her one gently back!

She will be 11 years old August 5th. Weight is 13lb.s !  She is all better today 🙂 This is where she is at the moment, and how much of the chair she saves for me 🙂 !  Thank you for listening to my ramblings of one of my Fur Kids!


Have a Wonderful Day!




5 thoughts on “This Week is About Cats, Anyday Can Be..

  1. Aren’t our little furry’s just the best. I love them so much. They all have such unique little characters – shame, so cute. I can relate to the chair, I have one of mine sharing my seat at the moment, I am literally half off the chair, and need I say my little one has most of it 🙂 🙂 🙂

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