Post a Day July 11 Creative Talent by My Aunt

Today I thought I would share a bit more of my Aunt’s Creative talents!   She often uses that tiny crochet  thread with tiny needles 🙂  She has made table cloths, doilies and even curtains! I do have  tablecloth I used on and entry table, I folded it in half. I got it out and took a quick photo to share her beautiful work. Without further a do!  Several picks!


Now I want some for my kitchen 🙂


The table cloth folded in half. Any time I lay something out my loving cats want to be a part of it, so I had to hurry !

Have a Wonderful Day!




4 thoughts on “Post a Day July 11 Creative Talent by My Aunt

  1. You know those times when you see something which your little old heart falls in love with, … but …. you can’t have it because it’s either a shop display thing and they don’t sell it, or .. it’s SO expensive that you can’t even see a time that you’d ever be able to afford it … or… it belongs to someone else so you can’t buy it? You know that overwhelming feeling of ‘WANT’ which fills your whole body? Well that’s what your Aunts curtains have done to me. I’m filled to the brim with ‘WANT’.

    She’s a talented lady Ruthie. I ‘WANT’ her as my aunt. LOL

    GREAT post. ~ Cobs. x

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