Post a Day July 7th, Books and Biking

Good Morning!  Back in October of last year, I made a Healthy Lifestyle change. Simply more exercise, healthy eating, and etc. I use a stationary bike on my porch. Yes, it is very, very hot in the summertime but I have a fan. I only had to bring the bike in due to thunderstorms a couple times!  When I built my endurance on the bike I started using this time to read. I am an avid Debbie Macomber  fan! I don’t realize how fast the time and miles go by while reading 🙂   A book I would like to share is amazing! I got it a year ago. It is SIMPLE ABUNDANCE  A DAYBOOK  of COMFORT and JOY by Sarah Ban Breathnach.   It is really a great book 🙂  I was at the Library a few weeks ago and was fortunate to get another book from the Friends of the Library, where the sale books.  I started it this week and it is really good too!  SOMETHING MORE EXCAVATING your AUTHENTIC SELF.


Have a Wonderful Day!




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