Finished Dishcloth, Smoothie, and My Cats

Good Morning 🙂

So, I finished the dishcloth! I am happy with it, though I like the traditional pattern from years ago and started that one last night!

My morning Smoothie ( took me an hour to finish, I’m so full)  ingredients…Spinach, frozen blueberries, frozen banana, chia seed and plant based protein powder. It was delicious!

My cats are so funny! The dark gray is Smokey (girl) and the tortishell (sp) is Mommy Kitty!  I made this yarn ball stuffed with stuffing and yarn quite some time ago. I tossed it on the floor this past weekend and Smokey was running around playing with it 🙂 ( she could use the exercise) . Mommy Kitty found it yesterday!  I am partial, but they are adorable! ( imagine if I put catnip in it)  lol

Here are the pics…




Have a Wonderful Day!





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