Nature,Cocktail Fruit Tree,and Lunch…

I have taken quite a few photo’s lately, I was a little late to download them 🙂  I love the outdoors so very much, It definitely feeds my soul. I have been sharing pics of the Sandhill Cranes quite often in my Blog.  I have been watching this lil crane growing up so quickly! Without any more rambling on, I shall share some photo’s!


The baby is just behind the larger crane.


It was raining so hard, the crane spread her wings on top of her back and let the little one find comfort. The other crane stood watch!


Look how quickly the crane has grown! 🙂

100_3564Fruit Cocktail Tree is a combination of Key Lime and Meyer Lemon.  It already has had blooms and Fruit!


My lunch consisted of Melon! Watermelon and Cantaloupe!  A couple hours later I was ready to eat again!  🙂 It sure is refreshing!

Have a Wonderful Evening!





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