Heartache and Creativity

So, I have to be me, and give you the latest. Roosevelt was layed  to rest on Friday. Our home is quite lonely and sad without Him.  I am leaning on the amazing memories and photo’s  to lighten the load. We do have two cats that keep me busy!

On the Creative side, I was knitting my first garment from a pattern of ages ago my Aunt gave me!  I finished it, then noticed one sleeve was bigger than the other. I tried pulling it out, (frogging) 🙂 I guess I didn’t know hot to fix it! lol so I will rip it out completely.  I started another one but only have two rows done since yesterday. I feel it is a learning lesson. 🙂   I will share the one I did anyway 🙂  I have been working on dishcloths and scrubbier too.

Well here you go……


Have a Wonderful Day!




8 thoughts on “Heartache and Creativity

  1. Really sorry to hear about your beloved pet. It isn’t easy, no matter how old they are. Shame about the pattern too – will you try the same one again?


  2. I am so sorry to read about Roosevelt. Our pets make our lives so full. Shame, I can imagine how lonely it must be without him 😦
    Well done for starting another garment, it’s a little sad when things go wrong, but better luck this time 🙂

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