Crochet Shrug Update and Roosevelt

The Crochet Shrug is called Crochet Granny Square Shrug! 🙂  I completed it this evening. I didn’t really get a a great picture. I notice it wasn’t hanging on the hanger properly but Oh well! 🙂  It was a nice project and I will make some more!

Roosevelt ( my 10 year young Cocker Spaniel, Fur Family Member) Became suddenly ill last Wednesday, (lethargic, not active, and seem to be retaining fluid) So I got Him to the vet 7a.m. Thursday and the tests began.  Xray, blood work, UA then the meds! Hubby and I were concerned and awaiting results. He felt a bit better the next day.  Ran another Blood test yesterday, the results were supposed to take a couple days. (sigh) The Dr. called before 8.00a.m. with good news the test was normal. Our lil fellow has been on prednisone since Saturday! we still have a weeks worth. Needless to say, i have been busy! I hope to work on some smaller projects (coasters and etc.) for awhile!

Have a Wonderful evening!


Crochet Granny Square Shrug
Crochet Granny Square Shrug
The Back.
The Back.



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