Multitasking…….Giving My Hands and Wrists a Rest

While working on the Ripple Blanket for my Daughter,  I would stop and rest my hands and wrists.  I decided to work on some Journal projects at the same time!  Mixed Media Art Journal using magazines, cardboard,(cereal boxes and such) scrapbook paper, construction paper, colored printer paper, you name it….its in there!  Everything is just spontaneous!   lol   On my porch is the perfect desk to work on!  Why not enjoy the beauty of nature while crafting!  In between letting the glue dry, I would take my pup outside and play a bit with him!  This is all between housework, cleaning and laundry!  I finished embellishing the Journal last night.

I also like to make little flip journals, whether to write in or doodle. It is for anything,



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