My Wonderful Distraction

Good Morning Blogging Friends ! 🙂

So, Yesterday I was so distracted by the beauty of nature while I was crocheting my rug. I was sitting at the dinning room table with the sliding doors opened. A usual occurrence is listening to the birds. Singing their songs and communicating with one another. I decide to take my camera and go take a few pics, I enjoy the video’s so you can capture movement and the sound. So I enjoyed watching them for awhile, took a couple pics and decided to just sit and watch.  Meanwhile, this Beautiful Blue Jay, quite healthy looking and stunning, took some bird seed and sat on the fence. With his beak, he hit it on the fence. That is when his mate with a lighter blue coloring came to the fence and He fed her.  I thought to myself, How fortunate I was to capture the display of affection between the two.  My wonderful Distraction!

Back to crocheting the rug. 🙂

Enjoy your day!100_2669


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